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Rus Laich
I started tattooing later in life. 2006. I was 30. I’d done all kinds of jobs prior to that. Working for investment banking firms, tour managing bands, graphic design, screen printing, paramedic... Some people ‘need’ tattooing, I don’t think I did. I could have done other things. Things far more lucrative, with more security and less guarantee of arthritis. I chose tattooing because I like people. I like doing whatever it is they think they need to represent themselves. If it’s a name on a wrist or their entire back, it’s all relative to their experience. Some days I’m a plumber and some days I’m an architect, at the end of each I’m just lucky to do something I love and have the opportunities that life has afforded me.

I also like skulls...and flowers…and my dog…and motorcycles…and traveling…and beer.